Code, Design and Rock 'n' Roll (13-01-2014)

Code, Design and Rock 'n' Roll

Hey you out there. It's been a while since our last blog post, but we haven't stopped working on our game. Today we want to tell you a bit about the story. Maybe you already deduced from the cover that it’s about a band. You control a clumsy but charming guy on his first day as a roadie, who tries to keep up with all the offbeat needs of a messy rock and roll band. But even a basic task like fetching a beer sometimes evolves into disastrous proportions. Find out more, very soon!

First glimpse (18-07-2013)

First glimpse

So there it is, after trying out various looks we finally found a style that perfectly suits the game and satisfies us. It is rich in atmosphere and successfully conveys the feeling we were aiming for with this first screen, but still uses outlines so I can spend hours getting lost in tiny details. The only thing left is to keep up the style and paint the remaining levels... which are plenty, but that should be a time-consuming pleasure.

Windows and OS X (27-06-2013)

Windows and OS X

Good news for all those who don't have an iPad. There are two more platforms we are going to release our new game for. In addition to iPad and a small browser demo, it will be published for Windows and OS X. If you don't want to miss the release, sign up to our new release notification mailing list on our start page!

Welcome to our blog (18-06-2013)

Welcome to our blog

Hi and welcome to our blog about our small independent game development studio based in Berlin, Germany. We are two guys who have been obsessed with the idea of creating our own crazy characters and unique settings, so we decided to found this studio and spend all our free time to make our own point and click adventure. We are going to release it for Browser and iOS. Maybe later Android, Windows and OS X. When we started 4 weeks ago, I never thought that this becomes so much work, but it's worth it. Sebastian and me will blog here about the progress, show you some pictures and share all the stuff you need to know about this currently nameless game. If you don't want to miss any news, please subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Facebook. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned!